National Recovery Month: Celebrities, drug addiction and rehab

National Recovery Month: Celebrities, drug addiction and rehab

Addiction is a chronic disease and it can happen to anybody irrespective of class, gender, society, culture, religion or region. Hence, a large number of people across the world are grappling with addiction. According to a study conducted by the Columbia University, nearly 40 million Americans aged 12 years and older are living with addiction, be it to nicotine, alcohol or various prescription as well as illegal drugs.

Even though marijuana is the most widely used drug among Americans, the country has been battling the epidemic of heroin abuse. Sadly, not only the general public, there are many public figures and celebrities who too have fallen for various addictive drugs. Some of these renowned names are:

Elvis Presley: The king of rock and roll, who became a legendary icon for delivering numerous hit records, allegedly died of a drug overdose. As per the records, Presley lived a significant number of years of his life abusing prescription drugs. He became addicted to medicines prescribed to him for elevation of mood and energy. However, some reports also suggest him to be taking certain illicit drugs as well.

Marilyn Monroe: Known for her beauty and recognized as the iconized sex symbol of the glamour industry, Monroe died an early death at the age of 36 years. The actress was reported to have died due to overdose of barbiturates, which she was prescribed to deal with her inherited paranoid schizophrenia.

Elizabeth Taylor: This superstar of Hollywood is considered to be one of the most blessed actresses because of her extraordinary grace and beauty. She suffered from addiction to sleeping pills and painkillers for 35 years, for which she was also treated at Betty Ford Clinic in Rancho Mirage, California.

Michael Jackson: The icon of all times is known for his multiple talents and unmatched charisma. The King of Pop also suffered from long-term extensive drug addiction during the last years of his life. Reported to have died due to drug overdose in June 2009, Jackson was addicted to prescription drugs, including painkillers and surgical anesthetic propofol.

Drew Barrymore: Famous American actress Drew Barrymore confessed her battle with drug addiction for which she had undergone rehabilitation treatment as well. She reportedly surrendered to pot smoking at the age of 10 and started using cocaine by the age of 12. When Drew was nine-year-old, her mother started to take her to nightclubs from where she picked up the addiction.

Lindsay Lohan: With movies like Spy Kids, Lindsay Lohan soon became a popular kid star in America and worldwide. Sadly, more than her work and talent, she is known and had always been in news for her addiction to alcohol and drugs and several visits to rehab. Lohan suffered from cocaine addiction at a very early age and visited rehab in 2007 for the first time.

Road to recovery

Irrespective of the kind of addiction, it is important to seek medical help for recovery. Addiction leads to numerous mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, in the addicts. So, treatment at the earliest is essential. In an effort to increase awareness about the importance of recovery for people dealing with mental illness and substance use disorders, September is observed as National Recovery Month every year. Sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the month is designated to celebrate the people who have been able to recover from their addiction and mental illness.

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