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Drug addiction is a growing epidemic in the United States. It affects 10 percent of Americans and the drug overdose death rate has increased for the 11th consecutive year. The United States also manage to use two-thirds of illicit drugs worldwide. Despite the efforts of law enforcement to crack down on illegal drug use and the ever-growing abundance of treatment centers in the U.S., the war on drugs continues and the effects of drug addiction plague millions of families, driving many of them to their breaking point.

For those seeking recovery, California has a plethora of rehabilitation options. It is home to many of the nation’s top inpatient rehab facilities as well as some of the largest recovery communities in the world. It is also home to numerous sober living and outpatient programs for those seeking help after they complete drug addiction treatment. California has become home for millions who are starting a new life in recovery and has made a name for itself as the best place to live free and sober.

The California Drug Addiction Helpline offers numerous services to help those in need find the right addiction rehab treatment program for them. We seek to help take the stress out of the process of seeking treatment options for a loved one. To start on a path of sobriety today you can call the California Drug Addiction Helpline at 855-980-1946 to speak to a member of our team.

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