New track-and-trace software to help California prevent marijuana black marketing

New track-and-trace software to help California prevent marijuana black marketing

With 30 states and the District of Columbia legalizing marijuana in one form or the other, the risk of cannabis abuse has only become higher than ever in the United States. California, which was the first state to establish a medical marijuana program way back in 1996, took a leap by legalizing weed for recreational use from January 1, 2018. However, realizing the threat of misuse of the legally grown marijuana the state engaged a Florida-based software company to develop a tracking system to keep tabs on the publicly available cannabis.

The “track and trace” system, termed as Marijuana Enforcement, Tracking, Reporting and Compliance (Metrc), is expected to be a key element in monitoring California’s cannabis produce so that it doesn’t reach the black market. Franwell, Inc., which has been working on the track-and-trace system project, conducted a special workshop recently for cannabis professionals in San Diego to help them gain a better understanding of it.

Around 60 professionals, including executives from the licensed cannabis business houses, attended the workshop where Scott Denholm, executive director of Franwell’s cannabis software program, explained them about the system. He shared his concern about the possibility of marijuana reaching the wrong hands and said that the program intends to ensure better consumer safety. “That’s how if somebody’s laying on the floor sick next to a candy bar, we would be able to tell you, ‘Hey that came out of that production batch, which came out of that harvest which was made up of those plants.’,” Denholm said.

The workshop was aimed at helping the executives understand how regulations would impact their businesses, as a majority of them have been operating on temporary licenses, with a validity of four months. The track and trace system would be fully operational once these business houses are allowed to switch to annual licenses after undergoing the scrutiny of state regulations.

Metrc will require the licensed cannabis businesses in the state to use radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips to label their plants, flowers and manufactured products. This would enable easy identification of each product’s origin.

Drug abuse is dangerous

Marijuana, which is one of the most abused drugs, is considered a gateway drug, often leading to the abuse of much stronger drugs. Drug abuse can have devastating effects on an individual’s health. From causing dependence to addiction, drug abuse can make one experience various physical and mental health issues, such as changes in brain chemistry and functioning, constipation, nausea and sometimes even death. Therefore, it is important for every individual to stay cautious and prevent the risk of allowing drugs to damage his/her life.

It is important to seek timely help in case an individual develops addiction. Taking advice from an expert regarding the best form of treatment available can help one recover. Although the treatment requirements vary from person to person, some of the common options include behavioral therapies like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or contingency management, medications or both.

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