Famous personalities and their drugs of choice

Famous personalities and their drugs of choice

There is a fine line interconnecting famous personalities and their trail of addiction. Most of them have their own list of addictive substances, ranging from alcohol to ecstasy or crystal meth. While some indulge in alcohol abuse, some prefer to get a euphoric high through psychedelic drugs or stimulants. 

Here is a list of some famous individuals and their drug of choice:

Drug of Choice: Alcohol

  • Stephen King: The king of bestselling thrillers Stephen King said that he had spent a part of his life in the shadow of alcohol and drugs. The author has now overcome his abusive drinking habits with the help of his wife.
  • Eminem: The rap God Eminem has a history of alcohol and drug addiction. He said that after decades of addiction, he finally got back to normal life, after he nearly died of overdose.
  • Daniel Radcliffe: The actor who hogged the limelight with his role as Harry Potter at the age of 11 carried a lot of pressure and expectations, which eventually dragged him toward alcohol as a relief from stress.

Drug of Choice: Marijuana

  • Bob Marley: The reggae star was exposed to marijuana for decades. He didn’t view marijuana as a recreational drug, rather as a holy rite.
  • Barak Obama: Barak Obama confessed of experimenting with marijuana during his early days in his book titled, “The Audacity of Hope”.
  • George W. Bush: The former president refused to speak up about his experiences of marijuana consumption while on an interview with The New York Times as he did not want anyone else to try what he had tried.

Drug of Choice: Methamphetamine

  • Robert Downey Jr.: Downey was actively involved with intoxicated alcohol and drug abuse, such as meth, for years, followed by depression, anxiety and anorexia. It was only in 2003 when he finally succeeded in controlling his addiction and garnered attention with his blockbusters such as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sherlock, Iron Man, etc.
  • John F Kennedy: The former US President John F. Kennedy was addicted to crystal meth. However, after 8 years of his death it was revealed that he was hooked on substances made from meth, painkillers and hormones of animals.
  • Adolf Hitler: The leader of the Nazi party, Hitler, abused methamphetamine. During the World War II, Hitler used the drug on his army to keep them euphoric and awake.

Drug of Choice: Psychedelics

  • Steve Jobs: “LSD is one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life,” said Jobs in one of his interviews, claiming to take the drug nearly 10-15 times during his lifetime.
  • Bill Gates: In an interview, Gates talked about his “errand youth” when he was addicted to LSD at the age of 25, and subsequently ended it.
  • Jim Morrison: The King of Orgasmic Rock has been known to experiment with a lot of hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD, acid, etc.

Drug of Choice: Cocaine

  • Robert Louis Stevenson: Eminent writer Robert Louis Stevenson was dependent on cocaine to get stimulating effects to write his novels.
  • Sigmund Freud: Sigmund Freud counted on cocaine as a substitute for his morphine addiction. Most of his theories were written under the influence of cocaine.
  • Bruno Mars: The American singer and song writer Bruno Mars opened up about his battle with drug addiction, saying that he wanted to forget that night in Vegas when he was arrested for cocaine possession in 2010.

Breaking the chains of addiction

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