Famous American celebrities who smoke marijuana

Famous American celebrities who smoke marijuana

An addiction to drugs is a serious problem that can strike anyone at any age. A person fighting addiction to any kind of substance is more prone to develop serious physical and mental health disorders. The person gradually develops an increased dependency on drugs, which, ultimately, takes the shape of a fascination.

Marijuana or cannabis is one of the most frequently abused drugs in America, particularly, by the young people. It is derived from the hemp plant and has serious mind-altering effects. Despite the legalization of the drug in several parts of the United States, its long-term use may lead to the development of serious health implications. A recent report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) suggested that about 30 percent of marijuana users have some degree of marijuana use disorder.  According to another report published recently in the online journal Lancet Psychiatry, about 10 million more Americans smoke marijuana nowadays than 12 years ago, and approximately 8.4 million smoke the weed every day.

A lot of people see marijuana as less risky, and therefore, more and more people, including celebrities, are advocating the legalization of pot. Although most of the celebrities use the drug for medicinal purposes, there are many others who abuse it for recreational purposes or getting the feeling of euphoria.

Here are some of the famous celebrities who are addicted to marijuana:

Brad Pitt

American actor and producer Brad Pitt is an Academy Award and Golden Globe winner known for his films such as “Legends of the Fall,” “Fight Club,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” etc. He was found smoking marijuana while shooting on the sets of his films. He was also spotted wearing T-shirts acknowledging his love for weed on numerous occasions.

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is an American actor and film producer who earned worldwide popularity for his role as “Han Solo” in the original “Star Wars” epic space opera trilogy and as the title character in the “Indiana Jones” film series. In 2002, Bill Maher called renowned people who smoked a lot of the weed at a conference organized by NORML, a nonprofit lobbying organization advocating the legalization of marijuana. Harrison Ford was also among the celebrities making to this list.

Kirsten Dunst

The famous American actress Kirsten Dunst, who achieved popularity for the portrayal of her role as “Mary Jane Watson” in “Spider-Man” trilogy, had admitted that she liked smoking marijuana and could not resist the drug. She even said that “America’s view on weed is ridiculous” and the world can be a better place if “everyone smoked weed.”

Jennifer Aniston

The gorgeous American actress and producer Jennifer Aniston gained worldwide recognition for the portrayal of her role as “Rachel Green” on the popular television sitcom “Friends”. She has admitted her love for weed on numerous instances and also confessed of smoking weed with her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron, an American actress and film producer, was once caught sucking smoke from an apple, and her pictures were published in the National Enquirer back in 2002. Though she has never confessed to her marijuana use, it was unclear if it was her first trial with weed.

Seeking professional help to defeat marijuana addiction

Though marijuana has been legalized for medicinal and recreational purposes, its overuse may lead to life-threatening consequences. Proper medical assistance and counseling are needed to completely come out of its clutches. The drug addiction treatment clinics provide the tailor-made treatment plans, helping people to kick off the addiction forever.

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