California to crack down on ‘gray marijuana’

California to crack down on ‘gray marijuana’

California is one of the pioneers, paving the way for other states, in adopting policies allowing the use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. The Californian government has passed laws to govern not only the use of marijuana, but also to allow conditional cultivation, distribution and sale of cannabis by government licensed parties.

Quickly realising that the already existing medical marijuana laws had loopholes and was being exploited by the unlicensed collectives and cooperatives, California finally decided to address the issue and take preventive measures to ensure that illegal sale of marijuana is curbed. This crackdown on the “gray marijuana” market was essentially to ensure that the licensed operators were not at a disadvantage considering the fact that they had to follow the formal route of licensing, cultivation and sale involving more financial and social accountability.

Passed CUA and MCRSA

In an attempt to regulate the marijuana industry, the government had passed The Compassionate Use Act (CUA) in 1996. It was the codified result of making medical marijuana mainstream in California. Under this law, patients, physicians and caregivers were given specific protections for the use of cannabis. As cannabis gained popularity and started being used for recreational purposes, new laws were implemented. In 2016, the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA) came into effect for the creation of new licensing and supervisory framework for the medical cannabis industry in California. This included laws related to cultivation, possession, distribution and sale of recreational marijuana.

Under the new enforcement measures adopted by California, from the time the first MCRSA was issued, CUA cooperatives enjoyed criminal immunity for up to one year, that is, until Jan. 9, 2019. According to the law, CUA entities cannot sell cannabis for profit or use them for any form of commercial activity without a license. However, these collectives can carry on attending to the qualified patients and their caregivers without the requisite MCRSA compliances. Unfortunately, a number of CUA cooperatives and collectives do indulge in commercial activity. Keeping a check on such operatives has proved to be difficult.

Letters issued to unlicensed cannabis operators

With the passage of the MCRSA, the government needed to act swiftly and aggressively on the crackdown of legal CUA operatives and traders indulging in illegal cannabis commercial activity as this could jeopardize the smooth functioning of licensed entities officially responsible for the cultivation and other aspects of medicinal marijuana.

Keeping this in mind, California decided to take suitable administrative and executive measures to address the gray cannabis market. Firstly, it started issuing letters to those unlicensed operators who violated the MCRSA and engaged in unlawful commercial marijuana activity. Secondly, it restricted unlicensed operators, who were in violation of the MCRSA, from advertising and promoting their business.

Marijuana addiction is treatable

Marijuana when used in its raw form can have devastating effects on the health of a person. People using marijuana do not realise when the use of marijuana transforms into dependence and consequent addiction. Long term effects of marijuana dependence, like any other addiction, causes physical and mental impairments disabling the affected individual’s ability to conduct day to day activities and also adversely impacting the people around them.

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